Here are the podcasts you may have missed out on. Naturally this is growing on a weekly basis so watch our for updates! BOOOOYAAAAA

EPISODE 1: The Thesis

Our first episode where Elias goes on a rampage on his research regarding organisations adverse stance towards Proptech. Our first episode is raw to say the least haha but as we get used to this we will get better 🙂

EPISODE 2: The Start-up Journey Part 1

Using something less formal to have a casual chat, we bring Michael Savvides into the discussion from Parkupp and see what the journey of the start-up Proptech Co has been like.

EPISODE 3: The Start-up Journey Part 2

Kicking off from the previous episode, we bring you more content on the specifics of what start-up life is like in South Africa.

EPISODE 4: Do Property Agents need a degree?

Would a degree in real estate geared towards property agents benefit or further hamper the profession? Listen to out take on what is a great topic

EPISODE 5: Guest Speaker – Steve Nson

We chat to Steve Nson, our first guest speaker from AnySizeDeals.com where we talk about the start-up journey and the experience he has gained along the way.

EPISODE 6: Intro to Flexible Office Space

What is flexible office space? And how will the future of Proptech influence office space in South Africa.
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