Proptechtalk – Episode 5 – Guest Speaker Steve Nson

We had the privilege of having Steve Nson on our latest podcast episode. Steve is the founder of  which is the premier real estate platform for finding partners and closing deals. AnySizeDeals Week is described as an annual “Festival in Real Estate Innovation”, and this year it takes place from September 8-11,2020 at TheContinue reading “Proptechtalk – Episode 5 – Guest Speaker Steve Nson”

#proptechtalk – Episode 4 – Do property agents need a degree?

In this episode we discuss whether acquiring a degree is something the property agents/professionals should acquire in the future. We look at whether a degree specifically in property agent’s functions would provide any benefit, and what challenges this may bring. Stephen Roulac was the inspiration for this article with his research on the industrial revolutionContinue reading “#proptechtalk – Episode 4 – Do property agents need a degree?”

Dissertation – Chapter 2 Literature Review – PART 1

For the Academics out there or those interested with the actual theories and models as quoted in academic literature, I suggest you jump over to the thesis document where I detail a comprehensive list of strategic innovation theories. My intention here is to appeal to those not keen on reading pages of academic jargon, butContinue reading “Dissertation – Chapter 2 Literature Review – PART 1”

SA REIT discussion: Enter Emira!

Emira: The South African case study In my last article I tried to answer a question in relation to a lack of innovation at REITs, at least in SA – given my experiences (note: I will investigate innovation in foreign markets soon, watch this space). This is, in my opinion, due to the way REITsContinue reading “SA REIT discussion: Enter Emira!”

#proptechtalk Podcast Episode 3 – Proptech Start-Up Journey Part 2

In Episode 3 we carry on the discussion on Proptech and the journey of a start-up. Chatting about real issues that have acted as barriers to entry and how they were overcome (or not!) If you have a few seconds please let us know what you think about Proptech in the poll below.  

#proptechtalk Podcast Episode 2 – Proptech Start-Up Journey

We did it! Episode 2 is up and running. Although we miss the professional services of Vodcast, we just could not help ourselves but get our podcast out there. Sure the quality may not be top notch, but the content is. In this episode we chat to Michael Savvides from Parkupp (find out more aboutContinue reading “#proptechtalk Podcast Episode 2 – Proptech Start-Up Journey”

Innovation, Proptech and the REITs

Is innovation operational and strategic only? Innovation is not limited and applies to various levels. Based on this we decided to take a look at where Proptech fits in with the REITS by first looking at how they work. Innovation and the listed property sector (REITs) As discussed briefly in my reply to Elias’ 1stContinue reading “Innovation, Proptech and the REITs”

Article Review – The Industrial Revolution remembers

Stephen RoulacRoulac Global, Tiburon, California, USA Abstract Accessed by: The article starts by setting the tone… Proptech is on the rise, property industry has been slow to develop and Unicorns are targeting Proptech start-ups. These are common assertions that kick-start most of the articles based on Proptech. The obvious reason is that these factorsContinue reading “Article Review – The Industrial Revolution remembers”

#proptechtalk Podcast EP 1

Proptech podcast as the “new” kid on the block! This is the audio version in case you prefer to listen and not read. Click on the links below and give us a rating (obviously 5 star!): The first episode on our podcast series as filmed and recorded by VodcastTV. Naturally a little bit nervousContinue reading “#proptechtalk Podcast EP 1”