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US REITs & Proptech:

A look into the most developed REIT market & its attitude to PropTech In these series of articles we have been ranting and, frankly, complaining, about how South African REITs (“SA Reits”) aren’t taking Proptech seriously. Yes, there are a handful of companies that are using Proptech & are either beginning to reap or areContinue reading “US REITs & Proptech:”

Asset Magazine #4: Whats app with that?

In this article we start to dive into some practical examples. The aim of our articles is to get to apply theoretical thinking to practical examples. https://assetmag.co.za/issue86/index.html?page=122# In this article we merely scratch the surface by reviewing some applications created by REITs. Sure, we know that there are suppliers who create apps and systems thatContinue reading “Asset Magazine #4: Whats app with that?”

#proptechtalk – Episode 6 – What is flexible office space?

Can you believe we are on episode 6 already?!?!?! Firstly thank you to those listeners who have downloaded our podcast episodes. We are constantly looking to improve so any suggestions you may have, please let us know. Flexible office space, co-working space and traditional modes of leasing offices are going to be affected by theContinue reading “#proptechtalk – Episode 6 – What is flexible office space?”


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