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Asset Magazine #4: Whats app with that?

In this article we start to dive into some practical examples. The aim of our articles is to get to apply theoretical thinking to practical examples. https://assetmag.co.za/issue86/index.html?page=122# In this article we merely scratch the surface by reviewing some applications created by REITs. Sure, we know that there are suppliers who create apps and systems thatContinue reading “Asset Magazine #4: Whats app with that?”

#proptechtalk – Episode 6 – What is flexible office space?

Can you believe we are on episode 6 already?!?!?! Firstly thank you to those listeners who have downloaded our podcast episodes. We are constantly looking to improve so any suggestions you may have, please let us know. Flexible office space, co-working space and traditional modes of leasing offices are going to be affected by theContinue reading “#proptechtalk – Episode 6 – What is flexible office space?”

Proptechtalk – Episode 5 – Guest Speaker Steve Nson

We had the privilege of having Steve Nson on our latest podcast episode. Steve is the founder of AnySizeDeals.com  which is the premier real estate platform for finding partners and closing deals. AnySizeDeals Week is described as an annual “Festival in Real Estate Innovation”, and this year it takes place from September 8-11,2020 at TheContinue reading “Proptechtalk – Episode 5 – Guest Speaker Steve Nson”

#proptechtalk – Episode 4 – Do property agents need a degree?

In this episode we discuss whether acquiring a degree is something the property agents/professionals should acquire in the future. We look at whether a degree specifically in property agent’s functions would provide any benefit, and what challenges this may bring. Stephen Roulac was the inspiration for this article with his research on the industrial revolutionContinue reading “#proptechtalk – Episode 4 – Do property agents need a degree?”

Dissertation – Chapter 2 Literature Review – PART 1

For the Academics out there or those interested with the actual theories and models as quoted in academic literature, I suggest you jump over to the thesis document where I detail a comprehensive list of strategic innovation theories. My intention here is to appeal to those not keen on reading pages of academic jargon, butContinue reading “Dissertation – Chapter 2 Literature Review – PART 1”


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