Now is the time to transform, surely?

2020… what a drag! You can say that again… 2020, what a drag! People were forced to stay home, businesses were shut down, people lost their jobs and people passed away (condolences to those reeling from people they lost)… all thanks to a virus that has swept the world. It has been a mess, andContinue reading “Now is the time to transform, surely?”

SA REIT discussion: Enter Emira!

Emira: The South African case study In my last article I tried to answer a question in relation to a lack of innovation at REITs, at least in SA – given my experiences (note: I will investigate innovation in foreign markets soon, watch this space). This is, in my opinion, due to the way REITsContinue reading “SA REIT discussion: Enter Emira!”

Innovation, Proptech and the REITs

Is innovation operational and strategic only? Innovation is not limited and applies to various levels. Based on this we decided to take a look at where Proptech fits in with the REITS by first looking at how they work. Innovation and the listed property sector (REITs) As discussed briefly in my reply to Elias’ 1stContinue reading “Innovation, Proptech and the REITs”