Elias Panagiotopoulos (@eliaslandy36)

As a Proptech enthusiast, I was always going to complete my thesis on Proptech. Having concluded my MBA at Henley Business School, my thesis had to focus on the core module being Strategic Innovation. This angle opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about Proptech and how important it is to grasp the concepts that underlie any innovative strategy.

Coming from different backgrounds and industries, my biggest lessons come from a start-up facing the ups and downs of everyday struggle to getting a product out there. Looking back retrospectively there are so many things I wish I could have learned or known before starting out. Hopefully I will be able to share these lessons as well as those from articles, journals and books that provide excellent guidance for start-ups.

Makis Laskarides (@maklask)

Worked as a Corporate Finance Analyst for a REIT, my role involved aiding the fund in achieving ROEs expected of us by our shareholders by; managing the funds pipeline of deals/transactions for the acquisition of new property, aiding the fund in selling off properties that do not achieved a hurdle ROE rate, liaising with key shareholders (Banks, Debt Capital Markets & Rating agencies), & assisting with general corporate finance activities (SENS announcements etc.).

From these lessons learnt, I aspire to contribute to the impact that innovation has on the property industry by adding my experience and financial background to the potential that investing in Proptech has on the industry.

Michael Savvides (@mikeysavvides)

I am a South African born tech-entrepreneur currently living in Los Angeles, California. I have completed my MSc in Civil Engineering and my MBA through the Wits Business School and The University of Manchester in the UK.

Having worked for a Global Fortune 500 organization, along with co-founding two startup companies, where ParkUpp specifically operates in the prop-tech space. I have gained a significant amount of unique learnings and experience that cannot be taught in University, which has essentially enabled me to adopt a novel way of thinking.

I am extremely passionate about prop-tech innovation, possessing a strong fascination for the digital transformation and disruption of the property sector. By co-founding ParkUpp, which is an online platform that connects property owners with available parking to drivers in need of it, it has continuously demonstrated that the property industry is evolving at a far slower rate when compared to other industries, where it is truly ripe for deeper disruption. 

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge, learnings and opinion on where I see the future of prop-tech is moving towards.

Sean Godoy

I am a property professional who has spent a decade working in various sectors of the property industry in South Africa and the UK. Most of my professional experience has been as a property market analyst and commentator. In 2017 I founded Divercity Property Solutions which offers a range of advisory and training solutions to the property industry. I am active through my business and my voluntary roles with various organisations, and believe strongly in the power of collaboration.
I am passionate about South Africa and the wider continent, entrepreneurship, education and proptech.
Founder & Director, Divercity Property Solutions
Cofounder, SA Proptech Association
Cofounder, Proptech Africa Association
EXCO Member, The South African Chamber of Commerce UK
Research & Development Director, Southern Africa Real Estate Society

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