Asset Magazine Article #1: REITs and Innovation

In July 2020 we started a series of articles to be published in Asset Magazine focusing on the topic we love, PROPTECH! The only difference with these articles is that the focus is primarily on the REITs and how they approach Proptech and innovation. In this series we will be providing a short definition of the inspiration of the article and the link to the actual article in Asset Mag. Tony Korsten and his team seriously create some visually awesome articles so we thought we would not try reinvent the wheel, and just add the link.

Welcome to the July edition where we provided an intro to Proptech and how it impacts the REITs. If you have read our articles before you will find some repetition here. Naturally in order to start with the series, we needed to provide a broad base of what challenges REITs face and how they impact Proptech and innovation thinking.

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