#proptechtalk Podcast Episode 2 – Proptech Start-Up Journey

Podcast episode cover art

We did it! Episode 2 is up and running. Although we miss the professional services of Vodcast, we just could not help ourselves but get our podcast out there. Sure the quality may not be top notch, but the content is.

In this episode we chat to Michael Savvides from Parkupp (find out more about him in our “About”). Keeping our conversations short, we start talking about what the journey of a Proptech start-up has been like in South Africa.

Listen to our episode, and let us know what you think.

In the spirit of Proptechtalk, we invite anyone who wants to have a chat on anything Proptech related. Drop us a comment/message and what you wish to talk about and we will set up the podcast. We aim for this to be an open platform for everyone to engage.

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