#proptechtalk Podcast EP 1

Proptech podcast as the “new” kid on the block! This is the audio version in case you prefer to listen and not read. Click on the links below and give us a rating (obviously 5 star!):


The first episode on our podcast series as filmed and recorded by VodcastTV. Naturally a little bit nervous so please forgive any hiccups here and there. The podcast provides some highlight shots regarding the main findings in my thesis. Going into detail will take some time over a series of different discussions. Please provide feedback regarding both the content and the podcast itself and hopefully I can include some queries and comments in my next podcast.

Let’s use this portal as a place to unify our thinking for the greater good of the industry. There are also some great new studies that have come out that will not doubt add to the discussion. I will be reviewing these articles and giving you highlight pointers on the most juicy bits.

Part 2 will follow with additional points that were not covered in this podcast. As a side note, the facilities at VodcastTV in Rosebank Mall are excellent and their editing services are a massive help in getting professional quality content. Marco is great at helping out when you get stuck and getting those edits in that seem like they never happened. If you are interested, follow the link https://www.vodcasttv.com (PS not a paid sponsorship, just merely a satisfied customer!).

2 thoughts on “#proptechtalk Podcast EP 1

  1. Hey Elias, pertinent points made here, if I may add some points through my experience (5 years as a Corporate Finance Analyst for a Real Estate Investment Trust in South Africa (“REIT”))… perhaps it can start some cool discussions:

    1. Completely agreed… real estate ownership now is not what was before. Real estate owners need to be proactive and not reactive to a changing environment. Alas, what a shame… as their operational models do not allow for this, but are they to blame… this will be discussed below. My point is the traditional model is really hindering innovation.

    2. I think that number 1 above is driven, unfortunately by investors…. REIT structure are in place to assist with more equitable property ownership across the globe. They crux is that you, as a REIT, are exempted from paying tax, provided that you pay 75% of your net profit in dividends every year…. this typically should increase every year as its backed by leases that escalate on a yearly basis…. the game is such that you need to pay your investors increasing dividends on a yearly basis to ensure you are success…. so what are you most focused on…. increasing dividends ~ if you do this, investors will by your share and you’ll be the talk of the town….

    What I am trying to say is there little to no discussion about innovating… there is more discussion about what property to buy so that it helps us increase revenues… revenues…. revenues…

    If you have read the above and asked what on earth is Makis trying to get at… here it goes. REITs are almost all of the time focusing on rent and acquisitions over innovation…. why? Well this utopia is driven by investor demands for growing dividends. So what is the path to get them on board to innovate?

    In my opinion, definitely not revenues… you guess it costs.

    Any thoughts on this? I am happy to sponsor my soul to session online with you Elias, or even write an article with some empirical data and examples… let me know what you think world?

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  2. Hey Makis thanks for this reply and for the different angle. Looking it from the Corporate Finance perspective definitely adds new perspective on the conversation.

    An article would definitely be fantastic especially with some data. Write to us and we would love to add your angle on our site. The more the merrier!


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