The Dissertation: Full Document

For those interested in the detail of the study, follow the link:

If you are new to academic writing, have a quick skim below in order to have a better idea of what you are in for.

So here is the full document. My Thesis. For those of you that are interested in reading the whole document please simply click on the link above. This is a research article and therefore needs to adhere to a couple of guidelines. You will note that the writing style is vastly different to the way I set out my short articles, and that is purely because it is an academic paper. If you find that the academic setting does not particularly sit well with you, well no problem just look out for my posts where I will be discussing the main points in a more relaxed manner. 

The format of the study is as follows:

Chapter 1 – Introduction: This is where I set out the ambit of the study and research questions and objectives I seek to answer. For clarity sake these questions and objectives are:

  1. What are the key characteristics of strategic innovation and how do these
    relate to the creation and development of dynamic capabilities?
  2. What are the current barriers and opportunities within the residential
    property industry?
  3. What Proptech developments can lead to the strategic innovation of the residential property market to gain a competitive advantage?

Chapter 2 – Literature Review: This is the most important part of the dissertation as it underpins the ambit of the study by highlighting current literature and gaps that have not been answered that the research seeks to add to. The literature review was structured to discuss three main segments:

  • Strategic Innovation: the core module that underpins my study
  • Property: highlight of certain important factors governing the residential property industry
  • Proptech: definitions and discussion regarding the segments and what they mean, relying of Professor Baum’s Proptech 3.0 Typology as depicted in the image below.

Chapter 3 – Methodology: which in short is the “recipe” I adopted to undertake the study. If you are interested in the process and perspectives I took in drafting this document, then this is where you can find out more information. If you are just here for the main points and content, you are welcome to skip past this chapter.

Chapter 4 – Data Analysis: I start out by setting out a brief explanation as to how the data collected formed the themes and findings, together with the sample size and description. From there I use tables and quotes to highlight the frequency of the results, as well as the personal nature of the interviews to emphasize the themes that were derived from the analysis. 

Chapter 5 – Data and Literature: in this chapter the literature and the findings are brought together to identify similarities and differences.

Chapter 6 – Conclusion and Recommendations: Tying together the study, the conclusion highlights the main points of the study and provides some recommendations as well as areas for suggested further study. Should anyone wish to further their study based on these recommendations I am happy to assist where required. 

Chapter 7 – Personal Reflection: for those who are interested in my personal journey, the last chapter reflects on my learnings and highlighting areas of improvement. 

Each chapter will be pulled apart and summarized in articles to follow. In addition, certain perspectives that i was unable to include (damn word count!) will be discussed to further enrich the conversation. It is my intention to further the study with more data which may include surveys and interviews. If you are interested in being part of this, give me a shout!

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